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Feedback for certain RPGs

Dangerous Dawn - Dawn Summers/Bullsye (from Daredevil) RPG - NC17

feedback for holding_forever and love_curse

eliza + alexis

Dangerous Dawn - Dawn Summers/Bullsye (from Daredevil) RPG - NC17

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dangerous_dawn is a Role Playing Game. We do not own the characters, or have anything to do with the movies, comics, TV shows, or the actors who played in them.

The material in this game is not suitable for young people because of the themes of sex and violence. The rating is NC17, so be warned.

This is an RPG set in an alternative season 7 of BtVS. While the Bringers are trying to kill the potential Slayers, a mysterious threat to Dawn's safety requires that she leaves the Sunnydale hellmouth.

After a bunch of demons break the Initiative facility in order to save their leader, Bullseye takes advantage of the occasion and he escapes. He spends his few days of freedom in a biker bar getting drunk, knowing that he can be easily recaptured because the Initiative had implanted a tracking device somewhere in him. Riley Finn and a commando unit just captured Bullseye, when Buffy calls Riley to help her with Dawn's situation.

Giles found a place of safety for Dawn in coven in New Orleans, but no one can be spared from the fight against the First Evil. Bullseye is considered capable enough to take her to New Orleans, and safe enough because the Initiative's profile showed a particular protective streak in him when it came to young girls, after he was unable to save his sister's life when he was younger.

On the trip to New Orleans, the sexual attraction between them proves to be unstoppable.

Dawn Summers is played by

Bullseye is played by
  • Re: Amazing!

    Thank you. It is an unconventional pairing, isn't it? I was talking to "Dawn" and she was deeply into Bullseye, so we thought what girl could we set him up with? Dawn came as a natural answer.

    We were trying to think of a new girl for him once this game is over - and it is almost over - but I'm trying to quit RPing. I'm a fanfiction writer, and I only took up roleplaying because I wanted something easier, but it's difficult at times because I'm used to writing all the characters. Most of all, it's time consuming.

    Where is your roleplay posted? I'd like to read it, and who knows, maybe I can help you with a Bullseye appearance.

    Oh, and if you read any of the other games linked to Feed the Players, I'm the one playing Spike, Wes, Giles, and Angel/Angelus.
    • Re: Amazing!

      I finished reading your game and am sad that it's nearly over. It's also a shame that you're giving up role-playing, but thanks a million for your offer of a Bullseye appearance. That, I will definately keep in mind!

      Our roleplay was never actually posted anywhere. It was all done by email but we are trying to get another off the ground and this time, we'll be using LiveJournal so once (if) it gets going, I'll send you the link.

      I'm going to start reading the other roleplays linked to this site and I'll let you know what I think. If they're anywhere near as hot as this one was, then I'm in for a good time. I also passed on the link for the game to our 'Dawn', so she may be in touch too, even if it's just to have a tantrum about someone pawing at 'her' man ;-)

      Again, congratulations on a fantastic game and give my regards to 'Dawn' also. I didn't want to leave comments at either of your journals as I noticed they're for gameplay only.
      • Re: Amazing!

        Hi! This is my non RPG LJ user. (I play Bullseye, Spike, Wes....)

        The game is nearly over because I cannot write established relationships. I love the tension and the build up to the climax. In dangerous_dawn I used several tricks in order to eat the cake and have it, too, but after we do the hotel room scene, we're in serious relationship territory, so I'm not up to it.

        I'm on yahoo messenger right now, if you want to chat. ( abra_d.inverno )

        Hope you like the other games. Watching_faith is the longest and probably the best of them.
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