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Feedback for certain RPGs

Welcome (trinity)

feedback for holding_forever and love_curse

eliza + alexis

Welcome (trinity)

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This is a community where the casual or, hopefully, the passionate reader can leave feedback on certain ongoing RPGs.

The most recent RPG is crossing_hell

It is an Angelus/Faith game, set in Quor'Toth. The premise is that, in order to save the world from another apocalypse, someone needs to retrieve an artifact from Quor-Toth. The problem is that only a creature without a soul can remove it from the place where it is hidden. Angel volunteer to go as Angelus, but only after Giles and Willow have taken certain precautions to ensure that he won't just stay in Quor'Toth. Also, to keep him in check, Faith volunteers to accompany him.

Angelus is played by coldsoulwarrior and despite my best efforts, he's more ooc than in character. He has several reasons for his uncharacteristic behavior, but the truth is I can't write evil characters well.

Faith is played by wicked_slayage

  • Re: Yeah!

    There are reasons for Faith's behavior, as well for Angelus's. I'm so uncomfortable with how OOC I'm getting him. I just want to redeem him.

    Anyway, if you follow this you'll my ID, you can find my new RPG dangerous_dawn

    Dawn/Bullseye (from Daredevil)

    (I'm Abra, btw. abra_de_winter aka coldsoulwarrior aka .... )
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