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Feedback for certain RPGs


feedback for holding_forever and love_curse

eliza + alexis


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Spike2 jeans
Welcome to feed_theplayers!

This is a community where the casual or, hopefully, the passionate reader can leave feedback on certain ongoing RPGs:

 holding_forever : a Spike/Dawn romance set three years post "Not Fade Away" (that is four years post "Chosen)


 love_curse: a Spike/Dawn romance, set a few months after Buffy's death in "The Gift" – an AU where Buffy is not brought back to life.

 If you enjoy our games, let us know. Well fed players are happier, more productive players.

  • (no subject) - burnzitt
    • Thank you! I'm having so much fun writing this it should come with a warning label.

      The problem is that right now I'm partener-less. auburnhaze1 doesn't play on weekends, and shining_key isn't online till Sunday. My comment for love_curse is growing to unnatural lengths.
  • I am really enjoying the two stories. I love how different they are! Love Curse is angsty and sexually-charged, whereas Holding Forever is quiet and melancholy. Since both scenarios are so Spawn, I can't wait to see how they go. Great job, everyone!
    • Thank you so much! I can't wait till my fellow-players get back online. I have sooooo much in my head for both story lines.
  • OK, I have to make more comments!!

    Love Curse- I love the hint of Spara! That's another one of my favorite pairings! I can't wait to see how it all goes with the Order of Taraka.

    Holding on to Forever- LOL... All the misunderstandings make for hijinks. I also like the references to LJ and the Buffyverse!

    I have a request, though. Could you guys start out each day with an entry rather than continuing on with the comments? That way, it is easier for us to keep track of what we've already read.

    You guys rock!
    • Thanks! Glad to know you're still following and enjoying.

      We do update a lot during a single day, so I guess making a new entry every day could work.

      And, just as a teaser, the action's just about to heat up on both stories.

      Playing is a lot of fun, but I can't help wishing that the people who read the stories would comment on them.
  • "You shouldn't get used to this," I tell her. "There's no way any man is ever going to fall asleep in bed with you."

  • Alright!! Both stories are heating up, and I'm so excited!

    Why am I the only person commenting???
    • I'm excited, too.

      I do wish more people would comment. Thank you all the more for taking time to let us know you like the games.
  • (no subject) - burnzitt
    • I'm glad you found the games.
      Love_curse is about to get a lot more exciting.
      You're right about the cramp reference, of course. My mistake.
  • (no subject) - burnzitt
  • *squee*

    Holding Forever is getting good. Poor Dawnie... she's so unsure of herself as if someone or something damaged her when Spike was away. I wonder what is was... Spike is oblivious which is cute because he's usually so observant; Dawn has thrown him for a loop!!

    I love this analogy: It feels like I woke up one day without remembering the name of the color blue. It's so clear and concise, yet poetic.

    Who's that in the picture with her arms around James? That's isn't Michelle Trachtenberg, is it??

    Great job, guys! On weekends I think, "Oh, man! No RPG games for me! *sigh*"
    • I'm still having fun with the games, and it's good to see that you are, too.

      The picture is from "Cool Money", a movie with JM playing real life jewelry thief Bobby Comfort, with The woman is his movie-wife Stephanie. I would LOVE it if anyone would do a manip based on it, replacing the actress with Michelle.

      Speaking of weekends, I feel exactly the same.
  • (no subject) - burnzitt
    • Re: Holy cow!

      I'm glad you enjoy them. I'm experiencing withdrawer not playing for two days.

      There's a very good reason for the behaviour of Dawn and Spike in love_curse. No spoilers.

      Not sure what's going to happen on holding_forever. About Dawn losing her soul, it's meant as a metaphor, but since in the buffyverse one can become inivisible if people aren't watching, maybe one can lose one's soul from unrequited love.

      btw, this is my new RPG identity. I love playing Spike, but I can't play alone, so I did something about it. Hell, I've even started a Giles/Lilah game. I seem to have a thing for playing Englishmen. I'm very close to trying an RPG with the character of Ethan Rayne. :)
  • (no subject) - burnzitt
  • (no subject) - burnzitt
    • Re: Poor Spike

      about love_curse, I set up a LiveJournal for willow. "Dawn" isn't online so much because of RL activities, so we talked about bringing willow in to explain what the hell is going on. I hope I'll find the time to write evil!willow
  • Holding Forever is getting hot. LOL... I kinda want to know more about Andrew; what is he thinking about all this craziness? This part is great:

    But if I do attack a human, I make damn sure it isn't my precious, innocent little girl.

    Haha! If Spike only knew...
  • One thing I can't afford is to be close to her. I'm out of anger. I'm afraid that I might yield to the temptation of taking the easy way, the pleasurable and immoral way.

    Do it! Come on, you know you want to!!! LOL
  • (no subject) - burnzitt
    • Celestine turned out to be a very useful plot device. She has some explanations about the whole affair that neither Dawn, nor Spike have any idea about.

      Love_curse is on hold until I can find a replacement for shining_key to play Dawn. I regret that she doesn't have time for this anymore. She had got the Dawn voice for this game quite right. I don't feel very happy about changing players, but I put too much in this game to just let it die. I hope my Willow post cleared up things a little.
  • (no subject) - burnzitt
    • I think they'd be okay with it. It's how I started the 2 spike/dawn games to begin with. I'll see about trying to find someone. It's the darkest and smuttiest game, storyline is made for angsty smut. Maybe if I give it up I can go back to finish my fics.
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